6 tips for enhancing your resume

One: Show your creative side.

Sure, Elle Woods went a little overboard when she decided to make her resume on pink, scented paper, but there are definitely appropriate ways to showcase your creativity on paper.

For example, choose an appropriate accent color to use sparingly throughout your document and consider creating a simple logo to set yourself apart.

Two: Quantify your accomplishments.

The more you can quantify previous experience and accomplishments, the better a potential employer can understand your abilities.

According to CareerBuilder, “A job responsibility is something that you do on a daily basis; a quantified achievement is the result of that responsibility.” It is crucial to convey both to potential employers.

Three: Break out the thesaurus. 

Resumes’ work experience sections typically consist of short, bulleted descriptions. We recommend beginning each point with a strong verb that helps potential employers visualize what you’ve done.

Some verbs we chose for our resumes include: designed, developed, composed, informed, interviewed, localized, recruited, researched and supervised.

Four: Check for typos and grammar mistakes.

It is important that your resume and the email it is attached to are free of typos and grammatical errors. Spellcheck does not catch everything. Be aware of the common misuse of homophones, commas and hyphens. 

Five: Double check for typos and grammar mistakes. 

Once you are positive that your resume has zero errors check it again. We are shocked and amused by the amount of candidates that do not know how to spell the name of their city, neglect to spell our names and our firm’s name properly in emails and think the capitalization function on the keyboard should be used as frequently as the spacebar.

 Six: Be honest.

If your resume’s skill section is lacking it may be tempting to add a program in which you are not quite efficient or a language in which you’re not quite fluent, but don’t. Always be honest about your skills and experience. Actually, just always be honest!