Stories give life to past experience. Stories make the events in memory memorable to others and to ourselves. This is one of the reasons why people like to tell stories.

— Roger C. Shank
from Tell Me A Story

Located in the heart of Midtown Atlanta, Schroder PR is a full service communications firm offering a wide range of capabilities designed to help clients achieve their corporate public relations and marketing objectives.

We believe the best way to clearly communicate and break through the daily information clutter is through the preservation and telling of compelling stories that resonate.

Our mission is to help businesses and non-profits communicate clear messages in a cluttered world, while providing a creative, collaborative and stimulating work environment. To that end, our team will seek to understand each client’s core identity so that we can provide opportunities for story creation, identify the compelling stories already taking place within each organization, and disseminate these stories through methods that are effective, efficient, strategic, and purposeful. We abide by the Public Relations Society of America’s Code of Ethics in our business operations and public relations practices and are good managers of our resources and the resources of our clients.