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Schroder Media's promotion department works in direct conjunction with Schroder PR.

Whether you are marketing to an independent bookstore or to an online superstore like Amazon, there are important steps that must be taken in order to get your book listed.   We will help you determine the most appropriate market for your book and then provide the negotiating skills necessary to convince book buyers that your work is worth their investment.

Schedule Book Signings
A book signing is a great opportunity for both promotion and sales. We can schedule signings in both bookstores and alternative venues in order to maximize your visibility in diverse markets and create a buzz in the local media.

Prepare Press Releases
Who better to compose a press release about your book than the very people who wrote or edited it? Based on years of experience in journalism and later with pitching stories to reporters, we can develop your media advisories in a way that attracts the media attention you deserve.

Public Relations
Media Relations is an ongoing process. We raise your profile among reporters so in addition to promoting your book, they will think of you when they need to quote someone in articles on your industry - or invite you to be a guest on their show.