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Just a Stage


Book Description
Just A Stage
All the world's a stage, but when will they grow out of this one?
This new book is a collection of humorous stories about every stage of children's lives, with tips to help you laugh, love and live through every one. Author Jan Butsch is an award-winning Atlanta journalist who has been called “the funniest mom in America.”

Based on her columns that were published in Atlanta Intown, Atlanta Buckhead and The Story newspapers, the book also includes tips for surviving a spend-the-night party, handling battling siblings, making a better peanut butter sandwich and talking with your teen. Anyone with kids, or anyone who has been around children will love this book. Join Jan on the journey – one that takes you from epidurals to driver's licenses, with visits to Chuck E. Cheese, Brownie camp-outs and road trips in between.

Jan Butsch's parenting book, Just a Stage, is a parenting book for mom to read. If you are a new or expecting mom and you want to read a humorous parenting book about children, then this is the parenting book for you. If you want to know you are not alone, read this parenting book. She makes parenting really funny. She also makes parenting fun, even though parenting can be very difficult. She finds the humor in parenting.

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