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Cara Hebert

Cara Hebert

Media Relations Specialist

Cara Hebert is the latest addition to Schroder Public Relations. A native of nowhere and everywhere, Cara most recently worked at the McClatchy News Publishing Center in Charlotte, N.C., where she helped design and edit the Charlotte Observer, Raleigh News & Observer and Rock Hill Herald.

Cara graduated from Boston University with a major in journalism and uses her news background as a Media Relations Specialist to help develop alliances between Schroder PR’s clients and the publishing world. She will also assist with its business development and thought leadership clients.

So far, Cara has lived in Charlotte, London, Boston, Connecticut, New York, Maine and now (thankfully) Atlanta. Up until working at Schroder, her most interesting job was interning for The New Yorker’s cartoon department. Cara’s always looking for the next interesting experience, and at Schroder PR there’s never a dull moment.



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