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Why Gift of a Lifetime is So Special

We all know someone who has made a difference in our lives — a spouse, partner, parent, teacher, co-worker, friend or client. Yet we don't find it natural to take a moment and tell this person why he or she is so special to us. If only we could find the words, it would have a powerful impact. With Gift of a Lifetime, you can. Surprise someone you honor with a thousand words of praise. Beautifully designed with up to five photographs and expertly framed, you can ensure the gift you give at a special occasion will be cherished for a lifetime. You can also share reprints with friends and family and immortalize the story of the heroes in your life by placing it on the Internet at our web site,

The power of praise

Experience the power of praising others for their efforts. Past recipients have cried with joy while reading the tributes and stories contributed by people important to them. Now you can award this novel keepsake.

"I was flooded with feeling and gratitude and surprise. Each word shared and feeling expressed by others made me weep and smile and reflect on how these precious people in my life made my journey so much more rich."

    – Van Waddy
    Gift of a Lifetime recipient


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