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Alberto Gonzales

Alberto Gonzales has joined the Jacksonville office as a Chief Engineer in Jacksonville-Carlton.

Tia Reynolds is a new staff accountant at Brookwood working with Robin Stone in the corporate office accounting team.

Elaine Moore joined the Office Division in Atlanta, GA as a Senior Investment Analyst for Office Acquisitions. Prior to joining Colonial Properties, she was with Merrill Lynch Capital in Atlanta for two years where she underwrote structured finance deals for all types of value-add real estate opportunities in the Southeast. Before moving to Atlanta, she was with AIG Global Real Estate Investments in New York underwriting equity investments in Central/Eastern Europe for various property types. Elaine received both her undergraduate and graduate degrees from Cornell University in Ithaca, New York ...

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Relay for Life

Relay for Life

The Lake Mary, FL office participated in this year’s Relay For Life event, held in our own Colonial TownPark on April 11. Each booth chose a rather unusual holiday to go with this year’s theme that cancer never takes a holiday. Our booth celebrated National Play in the Sand Day complete with beach decorations and a sandbox for the kids. We sold frozen drinks to raise money and sold raffle tickets for prizes that were all donated. Our small team raised almost $1,000 and it was a lot of fun!

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Broward Financial Centre

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Main Lobby Renovations and Exterior Paver Replacement

On October 24, 2005 Hurricane Wilma struck South Florida with devastating force causing significant damage to the area’s infrastructure. Roads, communication and utilities were down for almost two weeks. In addition, there were shortages of water, food and gas, making life very difficult during that post-hurricane period.

The Broward Financial Centre was especially hard hit by Hurricane Wilma. The entire west elevation of the building was heavily damaged; we lost more than 400 windows and 1,500 spandrel panels, and 20 floors of tenant spaces were impaired to some degree or another ...

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Colonial and the Economy

Every day our media tells us about how our nation's economy is worsening. Bad news seems to be building in every business category.

At Colonial Properties, I see opportunity to grow, to increase market share while others worry and wonder about our business cycle. That is why we are promoting some of our Star Performers into new leadership roles so we are properly positioned to take advantage of the current market opportunities which would allow us to grow ...

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