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For 44 years, families have turned to Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Atlanta for help with money problems. CCCS is a nonprofit, community service agency dedicated to empowering consumers to achieve a lifetime of economic freedom. A United Way partner and a member of the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC), CCCS provides confidential budget counseling, money management education, debt management programs, bankruptcy counseling and education, and comprehensive housing counseling.

CCCS Atlanta is the headquarters for the CredAbility Network, a family of agencies serving consumers in north Georgia, south Florida, middle Mississippi and east Tennessee as well as nationally via telephone and Internet.

We are dedicated to seeing you succeed.

Please contact us any time - our virtual office is always open at, or 1.800.251.CCCS


July 2008

Increase Your Financial Knowledge, for Free!


We’re all looking for a good deal, especially in this economy. How about a free class, where you can learn more about personal finance? The CCCS webinars cover topics ranging from How Do I Get Out of Debt? to Living on 70 Cents to Identity Theft, as well as several on home buying. And they are all free! Each webinar lasts just an hour and all you need is a computer and a phone line. Find out more at

July Contest – Win a $25 Gift Card

Summer Vacation Savings

When times are tough, many people turn to a second job to bring in much-needed income. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 7.5 million Americans have second jobs – and the number is growing.

But it can be a challenge to add another obligation to an already busy life. Share your idea for a good second job and you could win a $25 gift card. Send your ideas to Scott Scredon at

Eight Tips to Marital Bliss


The wedding season is upon us and while all engaged couples dream of marital bliss, money is often the No. 1 topic of conflict in marriage and a leading cause for divorce. CCCS of Greater Atlanta Inc. suggests that as couples mull over which fine china to select, where to honeymoon or even where to live, they also talk about their current financial situation, future financial goals, and attitudes toward spending and saving.

“Financial problems can cause irreparable damage to even the most compatible relationships,” said Mechel Glass, director of education for CCCS of Greater Atlanta. “Open and honest communication before you walk down the aisle can identify areas of concern and build a foundation for financial success.”


Overcome Foreclosure Fears to Keep Your Home

Summer Vacation Savings

Face it, sometimes doing nothing is the worst thing you can do. This is the case with homeowners who may be facing foreclosure. Foreclosures are at record numbers, and many people lose their homes because they seek help too late or, in some cases, don’t seek help at all. (See link to related video below).

“Fear prevents many consumers from seeking help,” said Suzanne Boas, president of CCCS of Greater Atlanta, Inc. “Overcoming these fears can mean the difference between staying in your home and losing it.”


A Majority of Homeowners Can Be Saved From Foreclosure

According to Sue Hunt, Housing Manager of CCCS, 75 percent of homeowners who call CCCS early seeking help can save their homes from foreclosure. Studies show that 50 percent of people who lose their homes have never contacted their lender or sought help for their situation. To view the short video of Sue Hunt on CNN’s Financial Security Watch, click HERE.

Help Beat the Checkout Line Blues


The CCCS website has articles in our Money Smarts Center on just about every area of financial concern. Visit our site at and click on the Money Smarts Center tab at the top. There are also articles that will help you start saving money today in the checkout line. Visit us on the web for these articles with ideas on saving money on food.

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